The Tasting Workshops

In all samples of products tasting sessions, be they wine and/or other beverages or food items, you will always be guided by a professional connoisseur. Every tasting event will start by a brief introduction to the impressions that feature a sensory analysis. We will also hand out, in all cases, a tasting card to be completed by every participant.


Our tutorials – normally longer than the workshops – will comment fully on food items or any proposed topic. The range of topics will be varied: cuisine, both traditional and fusion, traditional-made or contemporary-made pastries, cocktails, or a variety of by-products like meats or delicatessen coming from wild venison, edible fungi, cider varieties, chocolate, pastries, jam…


Our workshops are scheduled in such a way that in the span of a few hours, you will learn the fundamentals of cuisine ingredients shopping, cooking, baking or all about cocktails in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. In addition you will meet people with similar interests.